Our philosophy

We lay down our souls to the gods Rock'n'Roll! We truly believe in the energy and power of it's more extreme playstiles like Punk or Metal. Being fans of rock music since two decades and also having worked for online metal fanzines we have a well-founded vision of how a certain piece of music should sound.

We also know that nowadays listening habits and production standards have changed. We sensed a certain lack of courage in many productions when it comes down to decisions in mixing a band. This results in our oppinion in a whole bunch of artists that sound sharp and modern - but all the same. 

So we've chosen to go our own way. We want the music we love to be raw and brutal. We want the music we love to be honest. We don't want dead-compressed ultra-polished productions - there're far enough of them out there. 

We bring in our experience and knowledge as audio engineers and die-hard fans of heavy music. You bring in your vision of how you want your music to sound. Together it will be (black) magic!


So why you should work with us?

Because together we can set our focus on the uniqueness of your music and let it fucking roar!

(Jannes Beuthner - leading audio engineer)

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