We offer several services to make your music outstanding!

For us it doesn't matter if you're in a band or an solo artist. We hope to be useful for your music in every imaginable way. Be it as consultants in recording processes, programming devastating drumlines and other instruments or mixing your tracks to fit in your style of music the most. 

Our portfolio

Recording Consultant

You can choose if you want our direct support in recording at your own home studio or rehearsal room or consider ordering our theoretical recording materials that'll give you useful advice and detailed knowledge to do the recordings on your own.

Adding instruments

You're an excellent songwriter but lacking a band? No problem! As we're musicians too we're able to support your vision of your song by adding bass guitar, keyboards, drums or additional guitars on your track.

Mixing your tracks

The key role to a successful release is a good mix. As certified audio engineers we are able to form your tracks the way you want it. We also bring in our knowledge of different production stiles throughout the eras of rock music, giving you useful advice in bringing together hearing habits and musical visions.

We're underground

As we are fans like you we want to support newcomer bands in getting started in the music business. As we know that smaller bands often have limited budgets we're offering a 50% discount if it's your first release.


For detailed informations about our pricings please feel free to contact us!


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